Do Nothin’ Machine

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Dimensions 5″ Long

From the beginning of time, man has had one nagging problem which was unlike any other. The more this problem was worked on, the farther away the solution became. We are referring, of course, to the problem of how to do nothing and get away with it!

Some of the best minds in the business met to discuss this problem, but as you might expect, nothing much was accomplished. Eventually, though probably by accident, it was decided that a special machine was needed. A contraption that would make you LOOK busy but, in fact, would do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Well, finally, here it is! Now you can sit back, Do Nothin’ and have a perfectly good reason for it!

Actually, this beautiful machine does perform a useful function in industry. You see, the handle forms an ellipse pattern. Basic principles of physics are applied to transfer the alternating motion of the pistons to the elliptical motion of the handle.